DVD, Bojagi Wrapping Cloths

title: DVD - Bojagi Wrapping Cloths

My newly finished 2-hour DVD, "Bojagi, Wrapping Cloths: The Art of Korean Stitching" explores traditional and contemporary Korean textile art form. Three Bojagi projects: Gift Wrap Bojagi (Yemulbo), Covering Bojagi (Sangbo) (cover photos) and Patchwork Bojagi (Jogakbo) are presented demonstrating the basic stitches, fabrics, and techniques needed to make your own beautiful Bojagi.

Content List

Introduction: Tradition of Bojagi in Korea Culture
Things You Will Need
Basic Stitching Techniques
Seam Techniques
Production I: Gift Wrap Bojagi (Yemulbo 예물보)
Production II: Covering Bojagi (Sangbo 상보)
Production III: Patchwork Bojagi (Jogakbo 조각보)


Author - Youngmin Lee

Youngmin Lee - Korean Textile Artist

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What is Bojagi?

Bojagi are perhaps the most unique form of Korean textile art. They were used to wrap, carry or store things ranging from precious objects to everyday clothes and common household goods, and were also used to cover foods. Koreans believed that by wrapping an object, ‘bok’ (good fortune) could be enclosed within a bojagi. Many surviving bojagi are from the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910).

Various kinds of fabric were used in bojagi, including silk, cotton, hemp, and ramie. Jogakbo, patchwork bojagi, were made from scraps and remnants of fabrics. Beautifully constructed jogakbo were the result of frugal, practical fabric recycling. Bojagi can be described as a true form of abstract expressionism created by Korean women.

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Trailer - Bojagi Wrapping Cloths

Bojagi Wrapping Cloths • The Art of Korean Stitching

DVD Details

Run Time: 124 minutes
Region: ALL, Universal / Worldwide Play
Screen: 16:9 Aspect
Language: English Audio Track
Subtitles: Englsh • Spanish (Subtítulos en Español)

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Produced by: Studio Galli Productions
Sponsored by: Slow Fiber Studios

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Bojagi Wrapping Cloths
The Art of Korean Stitching
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