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I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful program with 5 excellent teachers and artists!


“The TATTER Quilting Primer series aims to demystify the act of hand sewing a quilt block through a sequence of diverse forays into block constructing. This series gathers contemporary voices and techniques to give the new sewist a set of skills and the confidence to take on any existing pattern or personal composition.


Exposure to six unique teachers over six weeks affords any sewist, seasoned or novice, the opportunity to witness varied approaches even within the same technique. Experiencing the series as a whole is sure to provide a strong foundation and will get you well on your way to a joyful practice of hand-sewn quilting. These six blocks cover improv and precision, piecing and applique, embroidery and 3D work.These techniques are portable and accessible, no machine needed! Sign up for the series or any of the classes individually. 

Check out more info here at TATTER!



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