Bojagi collections in LA Default Category

I met Eun Chung in January at my first bojagi demonstration in LACMA.

She was eager to come to the workshop the next day but it was already sold out.......

But when I told her that I cam coming back for 4 more workshops, she was so happy!

She came to all of my workshops and now has her own collection of bojagi.

Thank you very much, Eun Chung! 

It was very rewarding to see your happy face every time I went down to LA.

Here's Merri's collection. Merri was quiet all the time but I could feel her enthusiasm throughout the workshops :)

I had a few more people who came to all of my workshops.

Ewa and her 9 year old daughter, Young Kim and her daughter, Lidia and her husband and many more families who came to my workshops!

Thank you!

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