Quick report about my Saturday routine! Life

A group of women ride every Saturday morning to train for an upcoming event ride called 'Cinderella Classic'.

They all get up early in the morning and pump up tires, fill water bottle and going to the meeting place.

Some of them are novice who never done more than a 10-15 mile ride and some are veterans who are doing this for more than a decade. Our goal is riding 65 mile (metric century) on Saturday, April 6th this year!

We started our training in January and started with 10mile ride. Gradually increasing our mileage, today's ride was 35 mile ride with some hill climbing.

I started 5 years ago with only 10 mile ride experience and now I can help newbies like me!

Every week, I see progress and confidence level goes up :) And make more friends who enjoy this addicting activity!

Soon we will ride with our 2013 jersey and I will post picture!

Happy March!

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