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My first impression of Milano- vertical lines! Since we only had one day in Milano, we hurried to see this well known Gothic style Duomo. I did my homework before so I know what it is but seeing with my own eyes made such a strong impression! I felt sad that I only have one afternoon to see this massive church.

I admired lots and lots of details throughout inside and outside of this church. Thousands of statues were waiting for me to look at them. How many eye contacts did I make? I didn't know that I can go to the rooftop of this Duomo.... but seeing this Gothic cathedral with my own eyes were good enough for the first day in Italy.

Another place that made me excited was Pisa. 
I just spent a few hours in this town to see this famous leaning towner of Pisa. People were busy taking pictures of themselves supporting the tower with their hands and fingers. But the Pisan Romanesque style details of the tower and the duomo caught my attention. 
If you are wondering about the style, take a look at this page.

I tried to remember as many beautiful details and patterns as I could. I hope to make bojagi using these colors and design motifs in some day.

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