Natural Dye Showcase Exhibit-Mendocino Art Center Bojagi

I thought I had enough time but the traffic was slow on the way.... But we arrived at 3:55pm for the 4pm gallery talk.

Mendocino Art Center in Mendocino

The Natural Dye Showcase exhibit, juried by Yoshiko Wada

My coffee and tea dyed jogakbo, Awakening was selected and I was honored to be there with these wonderful artists.

All the artworks have one thing in common, Natural Dye.

I saw indigo, persimmon, coffee, tea, other dyes from natural sources such as plant, mineral and insects...

Hyonjeong Kim, Korean art curator in Asian Art Museum didn't mind 4+ hours of long drive to cheer me up!
Yoshiko Wada talked about traditional and sustainable practice in fashion and textiles.

Mendocino's beautiful surrounding made me feel very calm and my tired body was recharged by creative energy.

Next spring, I am going to teach bojagi workshop at the very same town, very same creative place-MAC!

Until then, keep on stitching!

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