Lunar New Year Celebration at Oakland Museum Bojagi

I think it was my 11th year participating this event. As usual, I packed my bojagi stuff and I was excited to see many once a year neighbors and new people! Wood working man, Tibetan prayer flag writer, Japanese handmade doll family.... These are my neighbors and we see each other once a year.

I brought some bojagi to show and scraps of fabrics for our community bojagi. I pre cut pieces and asked audiences to put 2 pieces together. Everybody was happy to participate and I will finish it as a big bojagi eventually. Why didn't I think about doing this last 11 years? I could make a big, giant one if I started earlier... :) But it's okay. I will keep adding pieces next year and the following year and so on!

Thank you to many people who helped me last Sunday at the Oakland museum!


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