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Even though I don't commute for daily work, I love to sleep in and enjoy being lazy on weekends. But last week, my weekend started early with packing fabrics, sewing box and a sewing machine. This time again, I am a student, not a teacher for this weekend! Ana Lisa Hedstrom, respectable shibori artist/ teacher's Katano shibori workshop was offered by EBHQ. After I taught Bojagi workshop at the EBHQ, I joined the guild and became a member. And this was my first workshop to take! 

Ana Lisa taught me a short fabric dyeing workshop when I was planning to make my bojagi DVD. And the tea dye silk from her class lead me to make the tea and coffee dyed bojagi, Awakening.

With my fellow workshop students, I was busy taking a memo, folding fabrics, stitch on the folded fabrics and stir them in the dye bath. The first day went so fast and I came back home with some homework to do. Since we have a Sunday as a break and the workshop resumes on Monday, I could take some time to prepare samples. On Monday, we dyed more samples and shared our dyed fabrics from Saturday. Every body has their own creativity and dyed fabric showed their uniqueness from the same instruction and same dye bath. I always enjoy this moment of peeking everybody's character and creativity. 

My scarf turned nicely and I was happy with it!

After the workshop some of us went out for dinner with Ana Lisa and headed to the EBHQ guild meeting place. At the meeting, Ana Lisa gave a talk and it was beautiful! Her speech was wonderful and her images of her works were stunning. There was Yoshiko Wada, the president of world shibori network came to support her student (She taught Ana Lisa in 1975!)

My weekend was another eye waking experience and positive distraction for my own works!

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Korea Day at the Asian Art Museum Bojagi

Summer days went through my fingers without me noticing and I am thinking about the next season.

Asian Art Museum in SF will have 7th annual Korea Day on Sunday September 20th, 2016.

Mark your calendar to taste rich Korean culture! 

Here's a link that you can check. 


Chang Sun-Young, famous chef and cookbook author will share Chuseok table with special dishes. And Dr. Minjee Kim will share her specialty, Hanbok!

Of course I will be there and share bojagi with museum visitors! Music performance, book reading, hands on art activity and much more will make you exposed to rich culture and tradition. Wether you know Korean or not, it will be a fun day! Admission is free, courtesy of Korea Foundation!

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My first machine quilt class with Joe the Quilter

I took my first ever machine quilt class! Joe Cunningham, Joe the quilter was teaching his 'Rock the Block' class at Cotton Patch in Lafayette. He brought many of his masterpiece quilts and his guitar. When I found him on internet years ago, I was very curious about his quilts because they look very different than other quilts and I could feel freedom from his works. And I wanted to know about his secret! 


On the day of the class, I was self conscious and intimidated to show my fabrics that I brought. I taught many quilters but don't know much about quilt at all. But Joe and other students (two of them are quilt shop owners and two of them looked experienced quilters) were nice and kind :)

Joe's instruction was very easy to follow yet everybody made totally different units than other people in the room. While we were making 30 squares Joe talked about this quilts, stories and he even play guitar. I really enjoyed this fun and relaxing class. The process is most important thing for the day and I like the fact that even though I choose, cut and sew fabrics together but anticipation exists throughout the whole process and I can't tell what is waiting for me!

I think I was able to build some confidence to introduce myself to him. I brought my DVD for him and he gave me his signed book, "Man Made Quilts: Civil War to the Present".

After we all finished making squares he helped us to arrange them on the table. I bet this is the fun part that everybody gets excited including Joe!

Today was another good day that I made another progress in my life and made a friend while I was learning. Thanks Joe!

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