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My first impression of Milano- vertical lines! Since we only had one day in Milano, we hurried to see this well known Gothic style Duomo. I did my homework before so I know what it is but seeing with my own eyes made such a strong impression! I felt sad that I only have one afternoon to see this massive church.

I admired lots and lots of details throughout inside and outside of this church. Thousands of statues were waiting for me to look at them. How many eye contacts did I make? I didn't know that I can go to the rooftop of this Duomo.... but seeing this Gothic cathedral with my own eyes were good enough for the first day in Italy.

Another place that made me excited was Pisa. 
I just spent a few hours in this town to see this famous leaning towner of Pisa. People were busy taking pictures of themselves supporting the tower with their hands and fingers. But the Pisan Romanesque style details of the tower and the duomo caught my attention. 
If you are wondering about the style, take a look at this page.

I tried to remember as many beautiful details and patterns as I could. I hope to make bojagi using these colors and design motifs in some day.

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Un cafe per favore! Default Category

First, I bought books and maps of Italy. Reading a book about the place you are going to go is exciting because while you are reading it, you can imagine and dream about the place in your mind. When you actually arrive and see those places and experience new things, anticipation turns into excitement. I took a trip to Italy as a family vacation a few weeks ago. When we were planning this trip, all 3 of us agreed to go to Italy out of many other European countries and we all agreed again this was a right decision after we came back home. I loved Italy!

Espresso was the first thing that I fell in love with. Taking a tiny cup of (less than 2 oz) concentrated dark liquid with crema on top became my daily ritual throughout  my Italy stay. I practiced "Un cafe per favore!" but never recited the whole sentence when I ordered my daily espresso. I am not that shy but speaking another language with foreign accent is intimidating enough (Yes, I vividly remember how I felt when I first came to this country 22 years ago :) I just said "Un cafe please...." Next time when I go back to Italy, I will use a whole sentence!

Italian breakfast was very simple. un cafe e cornetto alla marmellata! A cup of espresso or cappuccino and a breakfast pastry with jam. You could be served at the table but many people eat and drink at the counter or bar. There no time needed to be adjust to this custom :)

At the Autogrill (Rest stop in the middle of the highway), I got this single does of caffein. It came with a tiny straw for your convenience. What  simple way to get coffee.

Coffee was one of my daily rituals along with gelato and wine. Coffee with meals, coffee after meals, coffee with deserts.....

So many things that I miss from this trip and I will share more with you soon! 

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Dear Carlene, Default Category

It has been a while since you were here but I still miss you sometimes. It was very short this time but please plan to stay longer next time! We have many things to do if we had a bit more time. First, we can make a trip to the Quilt museum in San Jose. http://www.sjquiltmuseum.org/exhibitions.html

By the way, how do you like your new clear frames from the Muji store? That store has lots of simple but interesting things. I am looking forward to wear my new scarf from that store in Italy :)  Second, we can make a trip to the Korean Market in Santa Clara and eat Korean BBQ for lunch. We also can visit Asian Art museum, De Young and  Legion of Honor in SF. Asian Art Museum shows old antique bojagi all the time and I'd love to see them with you.  


Fabric dyeing class with Jasna was fun and I hope she can use her fabrics to make something very creative. 

Can we try Indigo dyeing next time when you are here? I wish I can go to Sisters, Oregon in September to take your workshops but I will have to wait until your next visit to my house..... http://www.stitchinpost.com/quilt-class-workshop-retreat/quilting-retreats-workshops.html

Here are some pictures of my Indigo dye from Yoshiko Wada's Boro workshop. My attempt of shibori wasn't that great but I am happy from the result.

Did I tell you that I am going to teach workshops at the Richmond Art Center in November? They will show my bojagi in their display case from July. 


I just finished my Coffee & Tea dyed bojagi and it even smells good :) Well, off to my kitchen to cook dinner now. I will write to you again soon! Hugs~


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