Asian Art Museum shows my two bojagi Bojagi

If you have a chance to go to the Asian Art Museum in SF, please say hi to my two bojagi!

Here's a link of my dear friend, Mirka Knaster's art blog posting.

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Irvine Korean Cultural Festival Bojagi

I was invited to the 7th Irvine Korean Cultural Festival and flew down to SoCal. I knew that TSA would open my luggage because of my tools but I even packed my iron in the case :) 2 pairs of scissors, 5 of stick magnets, assortment of rulers ( 4" square to 18" long one), 150 sewing needles and cut fabrics.... 

When I arrived at Irvine civic center the day before the event, crews were busy setting up stage and speakers. 

There were many other activities and demonstrations and the city hall was packed with people all day long. I saw some visitors during the day. Leon who is costume designer in MLU visited and we talked about bojagi and hanbok. Livia and her husband ( they both took 3 workshops at LACMA 2 years ago) came to the festival and Livia stayed all afternoon to help my table. thank you, Livia! And my old friend, Sue and Bill surprised me all the way from Boston! Their son, Charles and my Jenn are frinds since first grade. The family moved several times and now they are in Boston. They came to LA to visit Charles in UCLA. And Sue decided to drive an hour to surprise me. Yep! you succeed to your mission and I was so happy to see you, Sue! And Kyungsu unni came to visit and spend time with me. Her husband and my husband went to the same elementary school and they live in Irvine. Thank you to everybody who came to visit me! I really appreciate it!

And here is beautiful Amy, one of the organizers for this wonderful event. I'm already looking forward to go back next year with another fun project!

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Where did my April went? Default Category

Where did my April went? May is around the corner.... I didn't just being lazy in April but time was faster than I moved around. I went to Mt. Tam quilt guild in Marin county for Bojagi talk and met wonderful people there. I also went to EBMQ ( East Bay Modern Quilters, Stitch Modern) to share bojagi. Their wonderful quilts are showing at the Piedmont  Center for Art right now. If you haven't seen their annual quilt show yet, you have time until May 8! Don't miss this! I enjoyed every single works there.

I met this wonderful quilter at the talk and inspired. Here's Sujata Shar's blog page.

It was very interesting to see how someone's artworks reflects the culture and tradition. From my bojagi and from Sujata's quilts!

Everyday is happy day because I learn about something new that I never imagined. I am looking forward to my happy May!

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