Guess who? Bojagi

Lucy is coming to visit the Bay Area again!
She live in Mexico city and very talented quilter/teacher.
Her quilt was chosen for International quilt festival in Houston in November 2011.
This is her blog page.
She actually is in the area and I am going to meet her tomorrow.
We are planning to visit Asian Art Museum in SF.
I want to see Poetry in Clay exhibit with my special friend!

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Korean Culinary Camp in SF Life

I went to the Korean Culinary Camp in SF the other day.
Bunch of friend were invited to this fancy fusion Korean food tasting event and we all had a wonderful time.
샌프란시스코의 멋진 요트클럽에서 열린 한국요리를 알리는 행사에 참가할 기회가 있었다.
친구들 몇명과 함께 차려 입고 설레는 마음으로 집을 나섰다.

The head chef who trained at CIA came from Korea with her culinary team and made 8 course meal and it was wonderful to see the fancy setting and eating delicious dishes.
CIA에서 수련한 주방장이 이끄는 조리팀이 한국에서 날아와 멋진 8코스 요리를 선보였다.

First course, soy balsamic dressing eggplant and tomato bruschetta. 
첫번째 코스는, 간장 발사믹드레싱을 얹은 가지와 토마토 브루스케타.

Fresh ramen with sauteed vegetables
볶은 야채를 얹은 생라면

Mero marinated with doenjang sauce
This was my favorite!
제일 맛낫던 된장소스에 재워 구운 메로구이!
김치롤과 훈제두부가 곁들여 나왔다.

Kalbi jjim and pan fried shrimp
My friend Kid was very interested in this dish!
갈비찜과 새우요리
내 친구 키드가 젤 관심있게 먹은 요리


Hotteok and tofu flan
후식으로 나온 호떡과 두부 플랜

Nice goodie bag!
행사후 나눠준 고추장, 쌈장 그리고 불고기 양념이 든 구디백!

Thanks to consulate general of the republic of Korea in San Francisco!
샌프란시스코 총영사관 덕분에 즐거운 하루를 보냈다.

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Would you set the table please? Bojagi

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