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Korea Foundation Korean Culture Day
Saturday, September 17, 2011
11 am-4:00 pm
Enjoy FREE museum admission with the whole family celebrating the Korean moon festival of Chuseok. As a celebration of the good harvest on the autumn full moon day, people visit their hometowns and share a feast of traditional food with family and friends. This all-day family fun day offers docent tours, storytelling, food tasting, music and art. Korean music artist Kang Eun-il & Haegum Plus performs their “New music" for the first time in the Bay Area. Watch artists Shin Meekyung and Lee Kang Hyo demonstrate new and traditional forms of art making and create your own artworks to take home.

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Wonderful way to spend a day Life

I went to SF the other day to see this exhibit.

Wrapping Traditions: Korean Textiles Now

The museum of Craft and Folk Art is in downtown SF and it is a cute place to spend a day with good friends. Last time, I went there with Ann, who always love things Korean. This time I went with Minjee, who is Korean costume historian. Both times we spent quite long time at the museum.
As if I'm a kid who is doing scavenger hunt, checking every single techniques, stitches, patterns and artists' statements!
When I was buying a book, the girl who helped me was inviting us to the hands on workshop on Saturday, September 10th.
' Create your own Bojagi with remnants of fabric' !
How can I miss this fun activity?
Actually Minjee told the girl at the front desk that I am a local Bojagi artist :)
The girl was thrilled to hear that and asked me to come and help the activity.
Instantly, I promised her to come and help out the bojagi making.
Now I am so excited and looking forward to it! 

After we left the museum, we went to the San Francisco center for lunch and had Tom Yum noodle and Pad Thai. Yum!
On the way back we spotted the famous cream puff place, Beard Papa and of course we got a box of treat. 
What a wonderful way to spend a day and feeling city vibes! 
Life is good.

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Mujigae bo, finally done! Bojagi

When did I started this mujigae bo( rainbow bojagi)?
  It just took me quite long time to finish.
It has a simple design and technique but somehow didn't show much progress.
가끔 어떤 프로젝트는 한참을 가도 진전이 없는 경우가 있다.
 멕시코 시티의 루시와 함께 시작한 이 무지개보는 무슨 이유에서인지 다른 일에 밀려 늘 뒷전에 있다가 이제야 겨우 마무리를 했다.
 From September, I started to log my sewing time details about the project.
I think this helps me to plan, organize and utilize my time.
My next goal, plan the projects with finish time!
Let's see how I can manage my creativity in a productive way.
9월이 시작되면서 바느질시간과 내용을 짧게나마 기록하기 시작했더니 계획하고 정리하고 활용하는 습관들이기에 조금은 도움이 되는 듯도 하다.
크리에이티비티를 관리해서 생산성을 높인다? 한번 시도하고 지켜볼일!

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