Multi tasking Life

I went to the library the other day to check out some books and found that I have $6.60 fine for almost 2 years. 
I had no idea that I did late return. Shame on me!
Lucky me that they didn't add interests as banks or credit card companies do.
After clear my record, I checked out a audio book, 28 CDs for just one book!
I started to listen to these CDs while I sew. 
Voila! Eureka!
I was able to work hours without distracting!
Usually I have so many things to think and some of my thoughts just kept me from keep working on one thing but since I listened to the story that I like, I hardly thing of anything else!
I am on CD 15 of total 28 now and I know what to listen next time.
I can finish 6 books that I was reading last 5 years in much shorter time.
And I can finish my on going projects sooner!
I finally would say that I am a multitasking person!!!

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Need to wrap a gift? Bojagi

Here's a new gift wrap bojagi!
Simple yet decorative way to wrap your gift.
선물을 싸기에 적합한 보자기!
간결하지만 장식 부분이 돋보이는 선물보.
 I used Jat Ssi(pine nut seed) as a part of the decoration.
 And finished with Sang Chim stitches (decorative stitches).
잣씨장식을 사용하고 상침질로 마무리

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Tour D'Organics Life

Last Sunday, we left home at 5:30 am for our fun family bonding time.
After 2 hours of driving, we arrived in Sebastopol at 7:30 and unloaded our bikes.
지난 일요일 평소 같으면 꿈을 꾸고있을 시간인 5:30에 집을 나섰다.
2시간을 달려 7:30에 세바스토플에 도착, 자전거를 모두 내렸다.
자~ 이제 가족 화합의 시간!

We signed up for organized bike event called Tour D'Organics.
Unlike other organized rides, this one offers organic fruits and vegetables as rest stop snacks.
Rest stops were actually local farms and gardens.
I loved dried figs and Asian pear juice.
We missed one stop which has lots of peaches and apples....
Tour D'Organics라는 색다른 이름의 자전거 이벤트에 참가하러 온 것이다.
중간중간 쉬는 곳에  유기농 과일과 야채를 간식으로 먹을 수있게 해놓은 점이 특징이었다.
쉬는 곳도 유기농 농장이었고 그중 말린 무화과와 배로만든 쥬스가 정말 맛났다!
한 곳 놓친곳이 각종 복숭아와 사과농장이어서 조금 서운....

 The route was well planed to ride along the vineyards, back roads and beautiful hills.
코스는 포도밭 사이사이를 지나는 정말 아름다운 언덕들.

Great way to enjoy California's wonderful weather and family bonding time!
Post ride meal was wonderfully prepared vegan meal.
I was happy but hubby and baby were missing some meat :)
캘리포니아의 날씨와 자연을 즐기며 가족이 함께 시간을 보냈던 즐거운 날 이었다.
Vegan으로 장만한 점심을 맛나게 먹었는데 남편과 딸아이는 고기가 못내 아쉬운 모양이었다.

I came back home with bags of organic fruits from the Andy's fruit stand.
Life is good~
집에 돌아오는 길엔 Andy's에서 유기농 과일과 꿀을 잔뜩 사가지고 돌아왔다.
행복한 인생~ㅎㅎ

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