Over the Rainbow- For my friend, Lucy-Part 1 How-to

This is for my friend, Lucy in Mexico City!
But I don't think Lucy would mind sharing this with other Bojagi enthusiasts.
I am going to teach this while ago but many other things just kept this from happening.
Let's make this together, Lucy!
Mujigae( rainbow) bojagi starts from a tiny square fabric.
Last time, I started with 1.5 inch square.
This time, I will start with 2 inch square so I can make a bigger bojagi with bolder lines.

1/4 inch seam allowance in every corner so finished center square is 1.5 inch.
Add same size squares on the left and right side of the center square.
 Then add 2 strips on the top and the bottom.

Repeat this and now I have bigger bojagi.

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What next? Bags and purses

My sister went back to her home last week. After I dropped her off at the airport, I directly went to the fabric store and bought bunch of new materials. I still have a lot of fabric at home but I feel I need to distract myself from missing her all day. I was hoping happy colors can make me feel better.
Cutting fabrics, sew Velcro tapes on and putting labels....
Seems like distracting myself works well.

 Coffee mugs are taking space in the corner......
Voila! Now I have my new 2011 color Munch Boxes.

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Yoga bags Bags and purses

This year, I didn't make any new year's resolution.  I know that there are so many things I would love to do but just didn't have a time to write down. But who cares? I can start one at a time! I have to admit that I was too tired to plan anything though.
One of the things I want to do this year is a practicing yoga. Practicing yoga makes me more flexible and tone my muscle. These will help me to be a better rider. I am going to ride the Cinderella classic with my daughter in April so I better start right now!
Yoga mat is hard to put in the regular gym bag. I was thinking about an easy way to carry yoga mat and made this bag years ago. Here is my problem. Again.... I have to make many of them with different colors and patterns of fabric until I get tired of making them. Lucky that I have friends who love my creations. And I also have some on my Etsy shop.

올해는 늘 하던 새해계획 세우기를 안하고 지나갔다.
구체적으로 일기장에 적어나갈 시간이 없었다는 핑계아닌 핑계를 대고...
요가가 그중 하나이다. 요가를 하면 마음도 다스려지고 유연성과 근육을 함께 얻을 수 있는데...
4월초에 있을 신데렐라 자전거타기를 위해서라도 얼른 시작해야 하는 요가.
매트를 넣고도 수건이나 물병까지 가지고 다닐 수 있는 넉넉한 가방을 만들어 봤다.
하나 만들고 나니 신이 나서 여러가지 다른 옷감으로 몇개를 더 만들었다.
내가 만든건 무조건 칭찬해 주는 친구들 준다는 핑계로....
그러고도 남는 건 Etsy shop에 올린다.

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