Year of Dragon Bojagi

Come to the Oakland Museum on Sunday, January 29th to enjoy Lunar New Year Celebration!
Lots of performances, demonstrations and workshops will make this day fun!
I am going to show my bojagi as a part of Korean tradition there.

I will take pictures when I was there and post soon!

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Finished! Bojagi

Ready to show in Fullerton next week!
'그리움' 보자기가 드디어 완성! 다음주에 Fullerton에서 선을 보이게 됩니다!

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Judy's bojagi Bojagi

This this a commissioned work for Judy.
It took so long because of my family loss last November.
But she was very kindly waiting for me to finish it.
I was thinking of her even though I never met her but as I putting pieces together, I was able to think of her and wished for her happiness and prosperity as old Korean women wished same for their loved ones.
Thank to Judy for me being able to have a joy of making!

쥬디를 위한 보자기가 우여곡절 끝에 드디어 완성되었다.
지난 두달간 한국에 머무르느라 너무도 늦어져서 미안했지만 잘 기다려준 그녀에게 고마운 마음뿐이다. 비록 서로 모르는 사이지만 한땀 한땀이으며 조각이 커질때 그녀의 행복을 빌며 만들었다. 아마 옛날 여인네들이 사랑하는 이들의 행복을 빌며 만들던 마음이 이렇지 않았을까? 상상해본다.
이런 창작의 기쁨을 느낄수 있게 해준 쥬디에게 감사한다!

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