Bakjwi- Bat figure decoration How-to

This is a tiny knot figure to decorate or hold layers together.
So it has a practical use as well as decorative function.

Bat sounds same as good luck in Korea. Using lots of bat figures, people wish for good luck.
Unlike western culture, bat is actually one of the good luck symbols in Asian culture.

Here's how to make this good luck bat.
Fist, cut fabric 2x2 inch square.
Using pins, roll the fabric from 2 corners to the center.

Fold it outside and sew 2-3 times on each side.
Trim the shape and open to outside until you can see the bat figure.

Good luck!

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Lotus Leaf again Bojagi

I finally finished this project. I wish I can concentrate in one project at a time but sometimes I lost in many on going projects. I made 10 lotus leaves for place mats. 10 napkins have matching lotus bud napkin rings.

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First Impression Bojagi

This month, I participated in friend's 'Gathering Artist' event. I brought some bojagi works and other handmade goodies. One of the customer saw my own business card case and asked me to make some for her friends. I used colorful Gongdan(brocade) strips to compose this.

Basic Ganchimjil(whip stitch) using silk thread.
Hope these will give wonderful first impression!

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