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Celebrating Autumn
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From Fabric to Paper 
보자기, 종이를 만나다

Please come to our exhibit with my apprentice, Steph Rue. We are recipients of the Alliance for California Traditional Arts’ Apprenticeship Program this year. As a master artist of bojagi, Korean wrapping cloths, I had a wonderful time teaching my apprentice, Steph Rue, a book artist, and a papermaker.
We have been busy studying bojagi and expanded our horizon by using different materials such as handmade paper and quilting with paper cord. Teaching is the best way to learn and I am grateful to have a chance to share my passion and get to know more about my own practice.
We will have an opening reception on Monday, September 30th at 3:30 pm. Please come and enjoy the afternoon with us!
Location info, 

I will be busy traveling in October but will post many pictures. Check my two Instagram accounts for visual updates!
Bojagi and Korea Textile Tour




September 30, 3:30 pm -Opening reception of the exhibition 'From Fabric to Paper' '보자기, 종이를 만나다' at the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in San FranciscoThe exhibit will be open until January 3, 2020.

October 14-24 2019
Korea Textile Tour 
Soon I will be leaving for Seoul to lead this year's tour.
I am excited to have another adventure with a wonderful group of women this year!
The 2020 tour announcement will come out in December 2019.


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Summer memories
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So long Summer

Now having an afternoon tea is a part of my routine in my daily life. I still am a coffee drinker in the morning but afternoon tea brings me some fond memories from the summertime. When my friend Sara came to visit me in California for bojagi study last year, we always finished our busy day with a cup of tea. And this summer when I visited her house and travel to Birmingham for the Festival of Quilt, we tried to find some quiet moments with tea. 
Even after my husband joined for our short holidays in England, we carried on this afternoon routine. 

'The Festival of Quilts' broadened my horizon and I met many like-minded people with enthusiasm. I participated in my friend Sara Cook's exhibition, 'Transparency and Transition' and taught 2 workshops and gave a talk about bojagi. Whenever I had free time, I walked and checked rows and rows of quilt exhibits and vendors' stores. There were many beautiful and innovative quilts and I truly enjoyed many of them. Of course, I scored some vintage linen embroidery floss with a vintage pattern, embroidery hoops in various sizes, fabrics and antique lace doilies.
I visited the Liberty of London and Merchant and Mills in Rye while I was taking holidays as buying habits lasted until the last day of my stay. I came back home with inspirations, ideas, and materials that I eagerly want to work with. 

While I was busy staying in England, two of my bojagi went to the International Quilt Festival in Suzdal, Russia to be a part of 
NEW BEAM: KOREA TEXTILE ART BOGAGI 한국텍스타일 아트 보자기 exhibit. I was honored to be a part of this meaningful cultural exchange program. Many thanks to EWHO GALLERY!

Now I am in my home studio and busy preparing my upcoming exhibition, 'From Fabric to Paper' '보자기, 종이를 만나다' with my ACTA apprenticeSteph Rue.
We will have an exhibition with my at the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in San Francisco. Please join me at the opening reception on Monday, September 30, 3-5pm.
No invitation required. Just come and enjoy the afternoon with us!
The exhibit will be open to the public until January 3, 2020.

Book recommendation
Sara Cook's new book, Bojagi is one of few books about bojagi written in English. She explains about design and techniques in Korean textile art. If you want to know a little more about bojagi, this will be an excellent reference.

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July 2019 Newsletter Default Category

July news from Youngmin
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Teaching? learning? I love'em both!

I had so much fun teaching Bojagi in June. Every Saturday I was meeting people in different places and I loved every moment. And the Los Gatos library event evening went well, too.

I also spent my downtime to learn something new. Block printing! Learning how to design, carve and print was a wonderful way to spend Sunday morning. I was happy to have a chance to meet Arounna Khounnoraj from Canada.

Teaching and taking a class encouraged me to keep being creative. I was able to finish my bojagi and a few more small projects. 

I will be traveling in July and August. I'm very excited to be a part of the 'Transparency and transition' exhibit curated by Sara Cook and teaching classes and a lecture in Birmingham, U.K.! I will update with lots of photos on Facebook and Instagram. August newsletter might be delayed but please stay tuned!

Korea textile Tour 2019 is full now but you can sign up for the waitlist and future announcements. I will announce the 2020 tour dates and details in December 2019. 

Reading suggestion
I've been suggesting books about Korea but this month, I want to share about Lisa See's The tea girl of hummingbird lane. It is a story about a minority of people in China.
My friend Carol suggested this book to me and I was instantly absorbed into this fascinating story. I have to confess that I cried at the end.

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