Richmond Art Center workshop-Andrea's work Bojagi


I know the feeling when you finished the project that you took. It's an accomplishment that you want to share with!

A few weeks ago I taught a bojagi workshop at the RAC in Richmond, CA. Andrea sent me her finished bojagi work. 

This is my reward and joy to see how people interpret bojagi as their own artwork. Thank you, Andrea!

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RAC Jogakbo workshop Bojagi


Yesterday's Jogakbo workshop went well! I always feel that I am so lucky to have chances to meet talented textile artists. People who come to my workshops don't know much about Bojagi but they all are talented artists. Quilters, surface designers, print artists, even a ceramic teacher came yesterday. I love to say that I share  bojagi with people who come to my workshops. I teach some techniques, too but I am more passionate about sharing my love of bojagi and my cultural background. And peeking at everybody's artistic personality is a great bonus to me :)  This is my last workshop of 2015 and I will have a break from teaching until next year. That means I will have some time to create my own work and prepare for better workshops! Thank you very much for coming to my workshops and showing all the positive energy about trying new things! I am grateful for that!

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California Life Life


Wendy came over the other day to catch up. She brought eggs from her chickens. I never knew that shorter day light keeps chicken from laying eggs. How lucky I am to get these fresh eggs before the winter comes! Thanks a lot, Wendy!


For a few weeks I wasn't busy enough to explain why I didn't ride my bike..... Today I paid a price for being lazy. My body was totally forgot how to work on a saddle. Instead of appreciating crisp morning air, I was struggling to stay in control. Well, there's no easy way. Keep calm and roll on? My favorite vineyard trail was still beautiful even after the harvest. Colors of the grape vines are rich and deep mature colors. I love living in California and this is another reason I love it here. Feeling grateful today and I can work harder now!


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