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I saw her very cool project a few years ago and I forgot about it before I try to make my own. Recently I see her name and project otfen from fellow artists' blogs and Instagram. So decided to try and make my own dress.

Her name is Sonya Philip and her 100 sewing project is here.

First, I bought a Dress Pattern No.2, very simple pattern that you don't need to know much about garment making. And her instructions are clear and staright forward and easy to follow.

Just like many of my fellow sewing enthusiasts, I buy fabrics for someday and some other projects. I opened my sewing room closet and took out this fabric that I bought last summer. I love cutting fabrics for new projects! Here's the dress I finished. 

I put on but something was missing.... It took me a couple of weeks to decide and finally I added some details.
Thank you Sonya! It was a fun project and I have an outfit of my own!

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