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One Sunday afternoon, I treat myself with this fun workshop taught by Kristine Vejar. (She is very cool!)

And I spent a fun afternoon at the Botanical Garden in Berkeley with other people who are eager to dip their hands in this indigo vat.
I got some interesting fabrics with resist marks and a scarf. Last year when I took a shibori workshop from Ana Lisa Hedstrom, she taught how to use machine stitches to make a resist pattern. So I did my homework before I left home. I machine stitched on silk+wool blend scarf. And toss it into a boiling black tea. Then I stitched little more to keep that tea color.  And I put this into the indigo vat. Voila! Here's my cool scarf~
At home, I tried to make my own indigo vat and dyed more fabrics. Some worked well but not everything turned out great.... I will have to try more!

Meanwhile, I boiled onion skin and dyed another machine stitched scarf. And then put it into an indigo vat. My indigo vat was pretty weak by then and my scarf only took a little bit of dye from it.

Despite this weak indigo vat, I got another scarf to my wardrobe. Now I need to start a new bojagi project using my indigo dyed fabrics. No more distraction until I finish this project!

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