Let's check the basic tools for bojagi making.

There is a story about lady's 7 friends in Korea. Ruler, scissors, needle, thread, small iron, iron, thimble are arguing about who is helping lady most and the best friend in sewing. They all insisted "I am the best friend of my lady because~" 

With out me, who can measure and know if it's too long or too short? But I have to cut precisely. If I am not fast, how can you make small and big stitches? But you can finish stitching with out me! without my support, our lady's finger gets tired soon. I make small seams look just nice as glued together. But you only help small part. I get rid of all the wrinkles from the costume....... 

Here are my friends when I make bojagi,

Scissors- 8" fabric scissors are my favorite and I only use this for cutting fabrics.

4" Embroidery scissors are good to trim off threads.

Needles- Thin, sharp needle is good for silk fabrics. 

Pins- Fine or sharp ones are good for thin silk fabrics.

Threads- #50 silk threads are good for silk bojagi, and cotton threads are good for ramie, hemp, linen and cotton bojagi making.

Ruler- 3" x18", 4" x8" are my favorites but you can try different sizes, too.

Rotary Cutter- Different sizes by the blade size. My favorite is 28 mm. It works the best on thin silk fabrics.

Cutting mat- 12" x18" is good for starting. 

Iron and board- I keep my Bojagi iron from everyday iron. I like the cordless iron with heating dock.

Hera marker- This is very useful tool that you will use all the time. This will make a crease on the fabric and you can use it to fold and sew fabrics.

Fabric pencil- Fabric pencils that erases with water.

Thimble- Protects your fingers from work.

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