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FAQ - Korea Textile Tour

Do I need a visa to travel in Korea? Are there other requirements?
No visa is required for stays under 90 days, but your passport must be valid on the day you arrive in Korea, with one empty page required for the entry stamp, and on the day you re-enter the U.S. No vaccinations are required and there are no currency restrictions for entering or exiting the country.
I’ve never been to Korea. How should I prepare to be in another culture?
Guidebooks generally give you a brief overview of a country’s history, culture, and geography. You can also look in your local library or online for more details about etiquette and customs. We will provide a reading list for participants who are interested.
I don’t speak Korean. How much do I need to know to go on this tour?
We will have a guide who speaks both Korean and English. However, people appreciate when you bother to learn at least a few polite expressions: greetings, thank you, and so on. For shopping in markets, it is useful to know numbers and become acquainted with the bills and coins. Print a page of all you think you’ll need (including a chart of the exchange rate) and carry it with you. Many Koreans, especially the younger generations, know some English. Street and station signs generally include an English version as well. 
Is it possible to hook up with someone in the group for other activities and extra travel in Korea?
This is a women-only tour. Every participant will have an opportunity to get to know who else will be in the group through emails in which we introduce ourselves and our interests. It’ll be up to you to reach out to someone who sounds like a good match.
What should I bring for a trip like this?
Every participant will be given a list of items so you know what to pack.
What if I have an emergency and need to see a doctor, dentist, or optometrist?
We will find help for you. However, you need to have travel insurance that covers medical costs, not just flights and tours. It’s essential to bring an adequate supply of your prescription medications. Over-the-counter items are available in local pharmacies. .
Can I use my electrical devices in Korea?
Korea has 220-volt electricity. You will need a voltage converter and/or adapter. If you are using Apple products, you don’t need a converter but you still need a plug adapter. Converters and adapters are readily available online or in stores that sell electronics and travel equipment.