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How to tie a single bow (Goreum) 고름
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도래 매듭 Dorae Maedeup with 2 color cords

색동 꽃주머니 Saekdong flower shape jumeoni demonstration

Double happiness with oQamoQa exhibit

No Sew Bojagi

Preview of The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson

Bakjwi, bat figure

Bias tape making


Lotus leaf mat edge w Gamchimjil

Kkojipgi, 꼬집기

Knot Bouquet

Community Bojagi Project in LACMA

Gwi Jumeoni shape face mask

How to tie a single bow (Goreum) 고름

How to tie an ending knot for my CL students

Lotus bud knot using a bias tape, 연봉매듭

Updated Yeonbong, Lotus bud, 연봉매듭

Asian Art Museum Bojagi video

Yeonbong, Lotus bud, 연봉매듭

DoRae Knot, 도래매듭