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material : Gabsa (Korean Silk) size : 21 x 27 in.
List of Articles
Subject materialsort size Views
Moshi jogakbo file Bojagi Moshi (Korean Ramie)  35" x 36"  88096
Giftwrap bojagi file Bojagi Korean silk  13" x13"  62634
Dreamy Blue 꿈처럼 푸른 file Bojagi Hanji Bidan(Mulberry paper and silk) 한지비단    2877
Multi Color Wrapping Cloth file Bojagi Gapsa (Korean Silk)  19 1/2 x 20 in.  54236
Rectangle Wrapping Cloth file Bojagi Gabsa, Oksa, Yangdan, Myungju (Korean Silk)  16 x 27 1/4 in.  55095
Rectangle Wrapping Cloth file Bojagi Gabsa (Korean Silk)  21 x 27 in.  55164
New Beginning file Bojagi Cotton Voile    185573