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Introduction of Korean Embroidery


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 JO, HEEHWA, Korean Embroidery Artist

Heehwa Jo is an embroidery artist, tutor, and the author of the Korean Embroidery Tutorial Book titled “전통자수,한국의 기본 자수 배우기 (Learn Korean Embroidery)”. She currently resides in Edinburgh, Scotland, but is originally from Seoul, South Korea. Jo has always been fascinated by Korean traditions and textile arts and decided to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Korean Language and Literature along with Textiles and Fashion Design. She developed a special interest in embroidery while working for clothing companies and further enhanced her skills during a three-year Korean Traditional Embroidery course at the School of Korean Traditional Crafts and Architecture. Since 2017, she has been teaching people Korean embroidery and has participated in various exhibitions and workshops.

Jo's embroidery is a fusion of ancient Korean tradition and her contemporary artistic vision. She incorporates original Korean stitches and auspicious symbols from artifacts to create new embroidery collections, with the hope that they will become part of the heritage for the next generation. When practicing embroidery, she emphasizes the importance of expressing oneself freely, just like the free-spirited ancestors who pushed the boundaries of their tradition with every new challenge.

 For more of Jo's embroidery work, please visit

-Instagram: @johhembroidery



Heehwa and I offer a new online class about Korean Embroidery. I used to take my Korea Textile Tour group to her studio in Seoul to learn Korean Embroidery in the past. Currently, she is living in Edinburgh, Scotland. This class will cover a brief introduction to Korean traditional embroidery and the practicals of these essential Korean Embroidery stitches. You're welcome to join us regardless of your level of sewing skill and experience!


The Zoom link will be sent 2 days before the class and the recordings will be available for 2 weeks after each class

Monday, June 12, and Monday, June 19, 2023
9 am-11 am (PDT), 12 pm-2 pm (EDT), 5 pm -7 pm (British Summer Time) 



Sign up for the class here!