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I am happy to announce that I am a recipient of the Alliance for California TRaditional Arts' (ACTA's) Apprentice Program 2019. I will work with

Steph Rue and we will do an in-depth study of bojagi. Steph is a book artist and a papermaker. She makes Hanji and share her knowledge with people by teaching and lectures. We were connected through bojagi, and excited to study together this year. As we study bojagi, we plan to have an exhibition or public demonstratio at the end of this year. I will update more details once we start our study. Stay tuned!

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Korean Voices in Fiber exhibit Default Category

I was busy helping this project since last year and finally we had opened the exhibit! Misik Kim and Mirka Knaster co-curated "Korean Voices in Fiber"and I was happy to help the project as a language liaison. 25 Korean fiber artists are showing modern interpretation of their tradition, heritage and rich culture.  This exhibition will travel around the Northern California until next spring. 

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An article about bojagi and Youngmin Default Category

My dear friend and fellow textile artist, Mirka Knaster wrote a wonderful article about bjagi and me.

Please take a look at this!

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