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Spring is in the air!
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노리개, Norigae, traditional women's pendant
February went by so quickly for me, yet again!

I taught Zoom classes every Saturday, and my students helped me grow more. I love to communicate with my students during class.
I made a little progress on the #doublehappinesswith oQamoQa project and miniature hanbok study. I will update you with more visual results next time.

Recently, I can see the changes around the neighborhood trees during my morning walk. Daffodils and California poppies are slowly occupying my garden and I see tulips are taking a corner, too.
In March, I will start another Zoom adventure with school children. I've been teaching bojagi to grade 3-8 students in San Francisco. It is my 10th year teaching these children and I am grateful that even during these times, I can offer Korean art and craft program. Last week, I was planning, cutting, and packing over 100 kits for these students. 

Things Korean 
The month's Korean thing is 노리개, Norigae. Norigae is a traditional women's pendant tied or hung on the waistband of the skirt or sash of the jeogori. Norigae consists of five parts, ttidon(clip), main ornament, maedeup (knots), sul (long fringe), and a kkeunmok (cord) that connects all of these parts.
The colors, materials, and proportion of each part make a stylish accessory for women's attire.
Samjak noriage, norigae with three pendants, were worn for special occasions. I was fortunate enough to get one from my mother-in-law for my wedding years ago. There are many things that I can study from this norigae such as maedeup, auspicious symbols, silk cords, colors of long fringe, etc. 

우리옷과 장신구 (이경자, 홍나영, 장숙환. 열화당. 2003)

Korea Textile Tour 2021 is still up in the air but my list of planned visits to Korea is getting longer. More friends told me they got vaccines last month. I am patiently waiting for my turn to get the vaccine to come. Let's get the vaccine and wear a mask!  Wait-list is available so please let me know if you are interested in future tours.


Golmu, 골무 (thimble) is one of the seven friends of a lady in old days in Korea (규중칠우).

I think this tiny friend can help our sewing more enjoyable. Would you like to make one with me?

I will teach a class on Saturday, March 13 at 10 am PST. The class is full. Thank you!
Ssamsol jogakbo (patchworked bojagi) is coming again. A Two-class series over Zoom on Saturdays, 4/3 and 4/10, 10 am-12 pm PST. The registration starts on Friday, March 5. Sign up here.
Saeksilnubi, Korean quilting technique that uses mulberry paper cords as batting.

The new class date is Saturday, 4/24,10 am-12 pm PDT. The registration starts on Friday, March 5. Sign up here.
The online instructional videos are available, here!

The purchase will give you access to all 12 videos from the DVD, which you can watch as many times as you need. English and Spanish subtitled! 

Your purchase also gets you access to a one-hour Zoom Q&A session. The link for videos and the Zoom invitation will be sent after you purchase it.

You can still purchase the physical copy of the DVD 

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