Ssam Sol Tutorial 1-Gam chim jil How-to

Ssam sol is used to make Hot Bo(single layer bojagi).

First, fold seam line(1/4inch) using the bone folder.

Put two folded seam parts together.

Baste in the middle of two seam lines.

Fold one end backward and stitch using Gamchimjil(whip stitch/overcasting stitch) technique.

Iron the seam line with low heat.

Turn the fabric over.
Fold the other side seam line backward and do Gamchimjil.

Now we can see two seam lines. 
Take the basting thread out.
Iron again with low heat.

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Another New year's celebration Bojagi

Last Sunday, I went to Oakland Museum to participate the Lunar New Year celebration festival.
Oakland museum was beautifully remodeled and I was so lucky to get a right spot to demonstrate my works. It was the art gallery right in front of this energetic composition of the colors! I should go back and see all the artworks in that art gallery some time. Because I was busy during that day so couldn't even look around.

People always like to hear about the history of  bojagi, how it works and how to make, etc.
The name Bojagi means, wrapping cloth in Korean.
I always bring  bojagi that I can show how to wrap, cover, carry and store objects.
This boajgi is used for covering the chest.
And this one is for wrapping presents.
These are especially for gift money!

When people make Bojagi in old days, they wished happiness of the recipients.
Imagine that every single stitch has a  blessing and a prayer! I can feel the power of love from Bojagi.
I am starting the new year with another Bojagi project and wish you all a happy and prosperous year! 

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Spring News Bags and purses

The weather has been so nice lately so I can smell Spring in everywhere. 
Now I need to make something that suits to this warmth and voila!
I made new helmet bag/ kickboxing bag/ day trip bag with lots of happy colors.

This spacious bag has 8 pockets and a key holder.
And I could put this much in the bag!
And a matchy-matchy pouch!
One day I went to bring a bag to my favorite workout, kickboxing class.
Barbara saw it and now she wants one, too.

 Emi's bike bag and Peggy's Valentine's day goodie. Shh, Jim secretly ordered and Peggy suppose not to know about it until the valentine's day!

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