Judy's bojagi update! Bojagi

Do you remember Judy's bojagi?
She just sent me a picture.
Framed bojagi looks so awesome!
Thank you for sharing this with me, Judy!

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Pin cushion tutorial for Joan How-to

Joan! Let's make this simple pin cushion together!

First, pin 2 pieces together and do gamchimjil(whip stitch)

After sew 2 pieces together, open a seam line and press with iron.

Then add another piece.
Pin them together,

Sew using gamchimjil(whip stitch).

Press again,
Voila! the front side is done!
Pin this front side and the back together.
Like this :)

Gamchimjil again- around 3 corners

 Leave the 4th corner for stuffing
 This is how much that you put into the pin cushion! Then finish with Gamchimjil!

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Cool helmet bag for guys Default Category

Dave likes skulls. Period.
When I made a floral patterned helmet bag for his wife Amy, he asked me if I could make a bag for guys, too. And he said he likes anything with skull patterns.
I found this fabric at Stonemountain & Daughter in Berkeley, CA.
Yes! as you guessed, this is one of my favorite place. They have a myriad of fabrics.
So I finish making this bag for Dave and saw his happy face when I delivered it.
Now my husband wants to have this cool guy's helmet bag ha ha.
My dear hubby, we should ride together more often!

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