Leaving for a while Life

I lost my father-in-law today.
Will leave for Korea to take care of my family so please visit again later.


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Missing Lucy already Life

Last two weeks were very busy but happy moments.
My friend Lucy came to visit from Mexico city again and we had so much fun together.
지난 2주는 매우 바빴지만 행복으로 가득한 시간들이었다.
멕시코시티에 사는 루시가 방문을 해서 즐거운 시간을 함께 했다.

She brought me this colorful tote that I can use for shopping. I think it's too pretty to use but well, I will think of her more if I use it everyday!
알록달록한 이 가방을 장볼때 쓰라고 선물로 가져왔는데 너무 예뻐 쓰기가 아깝지 않을까 싶기도 하고 한편으론 맨날  쓰면 루시 생각을 많이 하겠구나 싶기도 하다! 
맨 위사진은 루시가 선물한 보자기 장식! 이제 감침질엔 전문가가 된듯 하다.
She also brought me this sweet hanging bojagi! I think she mastered the technique, gamchimjil.

We took a trip to the Asian Art Museum, shopping at JoAnn's store, eat sushi and sashimi until we explode. The second day, we went to Japan town in SF and enjoy shopping, reading books at Kinokuniya and  eating tempura with Japanese ale ! Fun time wasn't over until we across the Bay and stop by at Stone mountain and daughters fabric store in Berkeley! Lucy and I agree with the fact that we can enjoy so many things together and we even don't need to ask " How do you like it?"
샌프란시스코의 아시안아트 뮤지엄엘 함께 갔고 조앤에서 천구경도 했고,  배가 불러 숨도 못 쉴 정도로 초밥과 회를 먹었다.
둘째날엔 예정에도 없던 재팬타운 나들이. 둘이서 옷도 한벌씩 사입고 서점가서 패턴책도 사고(루시도 나처럼 전직 디자이너다!) 맥주와 튀김을 시켜 먹고!
베이를 건너 버클리로 가서 Stone mountain and daughters fabric store서 옷감을 만지며 행복해 하면서 둘이 가진 많은 공통점과 관심사를 나누며 하루를 보냈다.

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Fashion statement Bojagi

 Just finished 3 scarves for my clients.
One was making the old bojagi scarf (I made years ago) little bigger.
Two other are for friends who liked that scarf when my client wore it.

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