Summer night is perfect for sewing Life

After such a long break, it is summer already.
I went to visit my mom in April. She had a knee replacement surgery and I went to Korea to cheer her up. The surgery went well and she recovered fast. While I was at my mom's house, we had a great mother-daughter time. I also enjoyed spending time with my sisters and my brother who took turns to visit mom.
지난 며칠간은 정말 여름날씨처럼 덥다. 언제 계절이 이렇게 바뀌었는지....
4월엔 무릎관절 수술을 하신 어머니를 뵈러 한국에 다녀왔다. 수술경과도 좋고 회복도 빠르셔서 마음이 무겁지 않게 돌아올 수가 있었다. 정말 오랜만에 어머니와 시간을 보내고 언니들, 동생과도 좋은 시간을 보냈다. 어른이 되고 결혼을 하고 각자 아이들 키우며 바빴었는데 이제라도 조금 더 많은 걸 나누며 살아야겠다는 다짐을 하며 집에 돌아왔다.

I was able to get these new fabric while I was in Korea.
I got sukgosa, Oksa and moshi this time. As always, I was happy to carry these back with me.
한국서 시간을 쪼개어 옷감시장을 다녀왔다.
숙고사, 옥사 그리고 모시를 사고 부자라도 된듯이 뿌듯한 마음으로 가방가득한 옷감을 들고 돌아왔다.
I sent some to Lucy in Mexico so she can finish her bojagi projects.
Hoping to see her great work soon!
그중 일부는 멕시코에 있는 친구, 루시에게로 간다.
루시의 멋진작품을 얼른 보기를 기다린다!

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Surprise! Bags and purses

This is my new project. My friend, Jean asked me to make something special for her dear friend.
A big bag for expecting mom, matching bag for her 2 year old daughter who is waiting to see her "my baby" sister.

 This bag has fun polka dot lining with 8 spacious pockets and a key holder.
 Of course it comes with a matching pouch for small goods!
 Handy dandy changing mat with matching stripe fabric!

 This is a smaller version for 2 year old soon to be a big sister. This one has same feature as mom's bag. Of course, it has 8 pockets and a key holder!
Thinking of a mom, a big sister and a baby made me happy throughout the precess!
Tomorrow, I am going to deliver these to my friend and hoping to see her smile.

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Bibidi Babidi Boo! Life

The Cinderella Classic is a organized women only bike riding event in early April. Every year 2500 people ride on one Saturday morning in Pleasanton- Livermore-Danville-Dublin area with lots of decorations on their helmets and outfits. This year is a 35th Cinderella Classic bicycle ride and my 4th year! There are 2 routes people can choose and I am going to do 62 mile, classic ride and some serious riders are up to a 90 mile challenge route.
I have a wonderful group of cycle enthusiasts friends and we all trained together this year again.
Eden Bicycle in Castro Valley was offering this training program and we were lucky to take advantage of this program.
And guess what? I was the lucky one who get to design our group jersey!!!
It was fun playing with colors, designs and fonts.

My daughter is trying her second Cinderella this year. She is my riding buddy now and we are having wonderful mother-daughter bonding time.
I was allowed to put my logo on the back and the sleeve of our jersey!

Munch box on my bike, shoes and helmets in my helmet bag, I am ready to roll!
If you live in Tri-Valley area, look for our fun ride on Saturday and hope you can join us next year!

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