Spring News Bags and purses

The weather has been so nice lately so I can smell Spring in everywhere. 
Now I need to make something that suits to this warmth and voila!
I made new helmet bag/ kickboxing bag/ day trip bag with lots of happy colors.

This spacious bag has 8 pockets and a key holder.
And I could put this much in the bag!
And a matchy-matchy pouch!
One day I went to bring a bag to my favorite workout, kickboxing class.
Barbara saw it and now she wants one, too.

 Emi's bike bag and Peggy's Valentine's day goodie. Shh, Jim secretly ordered and Peggy suppose not to know about it until the valentine's day!

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Over the Rainbow- For my friend, Lucy-Part 1 How-to

This is for my friend, Lucy in Mexico City!
But I don't think Lucy would mind sharing this with other Bojagi enthusiasts.
I am going to teach this while ago but many other things just kept this from happening.
Let's make this together, Lucy!
Mujigae( rainbow) bojagi starts from a tiny square fabric.
Last time, I started with 1.5 inch square.
This time, I will start with 2 inch square so I can make a bigger bojagi with bolder lines.

1/4 inch seam allowance in every corner so finished center square is 1.5 inch.
Add same size squares on the left and right side of the center square.
 Then add 2 strips on the top and the bottom.

Repeat this and now I have bigger bojagi.

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What next? Bags and purses

My sister went back to her home last week. After I dropped her off at the airport, I directly went to the fabric store and bought bunch of new materials. I still have a lot of fabric at home but I feel I need to distract myself from missing her all day. I was hoping happy colors can make me feel better.
Cutting fabrics, sew Velcro tapes on and putting labels....
Seems like distracting myself works well.

 Coffee mugs are taking space in the corner......
Voila! Now I have my new 2011 color Munch Boxes.

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