First Impression Bojagi

This month, I participated in friend's 'Gathering Artist' event. I brought some bojagi works and other handmade goodies. One of the customer saw my own business card case and asked me to make some for her friends. I used colorful Gongdan(brocade) strips to compose this.

Basic Ganchimjil(whip stitch) using silk thread.
Hope these will give wonderful first impression!

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Baramgaebi(Pin wheel) pattern Bojagi Bojagi

Triangle is always hard shape to work for me. This took me a while to construct since I can see many flaws when I make this. Once you put triangle shape into square, you have to keep go on. Just like a life you can look back but hard to change it. So I decide to make some tea and enjoy it!

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Lotus Leaf Bojagi Bojagi

Life gets busy always and if I don't do the things that I love, I will regret at the end of the day. So better get busy and enjoy my life! Recently I got a request from an art lover. She wants me to make lotus place mats and matching napkins. I used Moshi(Korean linen) for this lotus leaf. Moshi is very fun material to work with because of the texture and stiffness but at the same time it's a bit tricky to handle. Korean people say that treat moshi as you treat your baby.

Moshi comes in very narrow width such as 12-13 inches maximum. So when I made this lotus leaf, I had to sew 2 pieces together to get enough width. I used Ssamsol(french seam) to construct this piece. To express the veins, I used pinching technique. Since I have to make 10 more lotus leaves, I will have a chance to take pictures of these techniques.

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