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Wendy came over the other day to catch up. She brought eggs from her chickens. I never knew that shorter day light keeps chicken from laying eggs. How lucky I am to get these fresh eggs before the winter comes! Thanks a lot, Wendy!

For a few weeks I wasn't busy enough to explain why I didn't ride my bike..... Today I paid a price for being lazy. My body was totally forgot how to work on a saddle. Instead of appreciating crisp morning air, I was struggling to stay in control. Well, there's no easy way. Keep calm and roll on? My favorite vineyard trail was still beautiful even after the harvest. Colors of the grape vines are rich and deep mature colors. I love living in California and this is another reason I love it here. Feeling grateful today and I can work harder now!

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I saw her very cool project a few years ago and I forgot about it before I try to make my own. Recently I see her name and project otfen from fellow artists' blogs and Instagram. So decided to try and make my own dress.

Her name is Sonya Philip and her 100 sewing project is here.

First, I bought a Dress Pattern No.2, very simple pattern that you don't need to know much about garment making. And her instructions are clear and staright forward and easy to follow.

Just like many of my fellow sewing enthusiasts, I buy fabrics for someday and some other projects. I opened my sewing room closet and took out this fabric that I bought last summer. I love cutting fabrics for new projects! Here's the dress I finished. 

I put on but something was missing.... It took me a couple of weeks to decide and finally I added some details.
Thank you Sonya! It was a fun project and I have an outfit of my own!

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Jiyoung Chung's Joomchi workshop Default Category

I was not who was traveling this time. I had a guest in my house. Joomchi artist, Jiyoung Chung came from Providence, Rhode Island to teach workshops at EBHQ ( East Bay heritage Quilters). She has developed an innovative method for utilizing a traditional Korea method of papermaking called Joomchi.

What is Joomchi??

According to Jiyoung, JOOMCHI is the unique Korean traditional way of making textured and painterly imagery handmade paper just by using water. The terminology originated from meaning, "making a Joomoney (Pouch in English)". It creates strong, textural, and painterly surfaces. As time goes, the surface becomes more and more elegant like leather. It can me applied to make self-standing or suspended sculpture, new way of creating painting, surface design, collage making, drawing as well as functional daily life objects like basket, lamp purse making, etc. 

Here's her website for more information.

She and I met each other last year at the Korea Bojagi Forum in Jeju. Her mother is well known Bojagi artist and teacher, Chunghie Lee who organized the Korea Bojagi Forum. I was thrilled when I heard that my guild is inviting her to come and teach joomchi workshops. (I joined EBHQ after I taught bojagi workshop in May, 2015) And I volunteered to host her in my house during her stay in Bay Area.

She taught 2 workshops and I was lucky to learn about this ancient but fascinating Korean traditional craft. At the workshop, she emphasized that we only need Hanji (Korean mulberry paper), water and eager hands. Yes, eager hands make the thing happen! This is one of my workshop result. Two layers of papers changed into this two colored Joomchi piece. It is only 12" x 9" size but took an an hour for metamorphosis!

 During the workshop Jiyoung demonstrated how to turn plain papers into very interesting textured Joomchi pieces.

After 2 days of fun workshops, she talked about her Joomchi at the EBHQ meeting. She prepared 400+ images to show and we all ohh~ Ahh~ed throughout her lecture.

She will come back to California next summer to teach longer workshops at the Mendocino Art Center in Mendocino, CA.

I am looking forward to see her again and until then, keep on rolling bubble wrapped Hanji!

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