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Project #1- Yemulbo, Gift wrap bojagi, 예물보

Youngmin 2013.11.01 16:23 Views : 34763


Finished Size-13” x13”


·      Sukgosa (Patterned Korean Silk Gauze)

·      Silk thread


·      Gamchimjil (Whip Stitch)

·      Homjil (Running Stitch)

·      Settam Sangchim (Three Decorative Stitch)

Seam allowance- 0.25” (each side)

Always add 1/4" seam allowance on each side( all 4 sides) before you cut them.


Make a strap and attach it on the corner of the pieced side. The top layer (10") should be shorter than the bottom layer (16") in order to make a pretty Goreum(ribbon). Goreum is the part that you use to fasten the Korean jacket( Jeogori). Use Settam sangchim, attach this goreum to bojagi.