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Basic Tools for Boajgi making

Youngmin 2014.02.08 07:59 Views : 7775


Let's check the basic tools for bojagi making.


There is a story about lady's 7 friends in Korea. A ruler, a pair of scissors, a needle, a  spool of thread, a small iron, an iron, a thimble are arguing about who is the best friend of a lady in the house for sewing. They all insisted "I am the best friend of my lady because~" 

“Without me, who can measure and know if it's too long or too short? But I have to cut precisely. If I am not fast, how can you make small and big stitches? But you can finish stitching without me! without my support, our lady's finger gets tired soon. I make small seams look just nice as glued together. But you only help small part. I get rid of all the wrinkles from the costume....... “


Here are my friends when I make bojagi,


Scissors- 8" fabric scissors are my favorite and I only use this for cutting fabrics.

4" Embroidery scissors are good to trim off threads.

Needles- Thin, sharp needle is good for silk fabrics. 

Pins- Fine or extra sharp pins are good for thin silk fabrics. Extra long pins are good for Bakjwi (bat) making.

Threads- #50 silk threads are good for silk bojagi. #30 and #16 are thicker threads and good for decorative stitches.

 #40, #50 cotton threads are good for ramie, hemp, linen and cotton bojagi making.

Ruler- 3" x18", 4" x8" grid rulers are my favorite, but you can try different sizes, too.

Iron and an ironing board- I keep my Bojagi iron from everyday iron. I like the cordless iron with heating dock.

Thimble- Protects your fingers from work.


I have some new friends,

Rotary Cutter- Different sizes by the blade size. My favorite is 28 mm. It works the best on thin silk fabrics and small size fabric pieces.

Cutting mat- 12" x18" is good for starting. 

Hera marker- This is very useful tool that you will use all the time. This will make a crease on the fabric and you can use it to fold and sew fabrics.

Fabric pencil- Fabric pencils that erases with water.