Oakland museum rocks! Bojagi

Last Sunday, I went to Oakland museum to participate their annual Lunar New Year's day celebration.

Many Asian countries celebrate the Lunar New Year and Korea is one of the country that celebrates this.

I don't like to call it as Chinese New Year.... The date is determined based on Lunar calendar and I am not the only one who doesn't like the term, Chinese New Year. The other day I was talking to my friend who immigrated from Vietnam. She and her family celebrate the Lunar New Year's day and she calls it 'Vietnamese New Year!'  So I am very glad that the Oakland museum calls it, Lunar New Year's day celebration! Anyway, many people came to the museum to celebrate it. My table was waiting for me at my usual corner in the 

Checking in, set up my tables with bojagi and exchange greetings with fellow demonstrators. Now I am ready to meet people!

 I had another great Lunar New Year celebration meeting many many people there and wish you all another happy new year!

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