Hanji unfurled Life

Last week, Ann asked me to go to this talk in Berkeley center for Korean studies.

We had a quite fun day eating bibimbap together, going to the Botanical Garden in Berkeley and attending Hanji talk.

Bibimbap, well known Korean dish that comes in a huge bowl of rice, vegetables, meat and sunny side up fried egg.

It is a beautiful presentation but in order to enjoy all the ingredients, you have to mix everything up with gochujang (red pepper paste)!

I will post about bibimbap soon. I am going to teach Korean cooking class this Saturday.

After this yummy lunch, we went to the Botanical garden in Berkeley. Ann has a green thumb and her back yard is full of interesting plants, flowers and fruit trees. She explained about trees and plants and she even got me this cute Narcissus!

Ann is a Berkeley native and she showed one pond in the middle of the garden and told me that one very cold winter,  it was frozen so hard. Her dad was trying to break the ice but he couldn't. Ann never saw that pond frozen again until now. Stroll across the garden was soothing and I was thinking of my dad's garden in my childhood. I was growing in a small town in southern part of Korea. The weather was as mild as California so my dad's garden has banana trees (no fruit though), loquat trees and fig trees. Camilia was everywhere and people from Seoul admired this beautiful flowers.

After strolling in the garden, we went to the lecture room and met Aimee Lee, Hanji Artist.

She was born and educated in US but hanji made her to go to Korea and learn how to make traditional Korean paper, hanji.

Here's her website. http://aimeelee.net/ and you can learn more about her.

I've learned that a piece of paper is big enough to show artist's creative journey.


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