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Did I tell you that I dyed 21 yards of fabrics at Carlene's house? 

Carlene의 집에서 21마의 옷감을 염색했다는 얘기를 했던가요?

At first, I didn't want to make her too tired because of this fabric dyeing lessons. But as soon as we started measuring dyes, urea and add warm water... I forgot everything! Mixing fabric dye, urea and water made some kind of chemical reaction! Bam! I could feel that bottle of mixed ingredients cools down as I shake it. She helped me choose proven good colors from her experiences. Ecru, safari grey, gun metal grey and palomino gold.... The first day was all about those cool solid colors and the next day was fun ice dyeing with multiple colors. I knew a little about basic dyeing process but never heard/ tried of ICE DYEING and it was FUN! 

처음엔 너무 폐끼치는 것 아닌가 싶어서 조심스러웠었는데 염료를 계량하고 매염제를 섞고 물을 붓는 과정에 그만 염치불구하고 '에라 모르겠다!' 하는 생각이 드는겁니다. 미리 생각해 갔던 색도 있고 Carlene의 경험에서 나온 완벽한 색배합도 있고....신이 났었지요. 게다가 둘째날의 얼음염색은 생전 처음해보는 경험이었지요. 기다리고 헹구고 또 기다리고 세탁과정을 거쳐서 나온 색들입니다! 이쯤되면 안먹어도 배가부른 바로 그느낌이지요.

We saved one day for bojagi class in Hawaii. Carlene's friends came with their sewing bags and goodies. Most of them are experienced quilters so I picked sukgosa (Korean silk) jogakbo for this class. The breeze made us to keep our cut pieces in the bag throughout the time but that didn't discourage us at all. Sewing and whale watching at the same time is an unique experience that you can only do in Hawaii!

닷새중 하루는 보자기 클래스를 위해 아껴뒀었지요. Carlene의 퀼터 친구들이 바느질 가방과 맛난 간식을 들고 하나둘씩 모였습니다. 이런 멋진 전망을 앞에 놓고 보자기를 가르치다니! 바람이 조금분들 어떻겠어요. 게다가 고래구경까지 할 수 있으니 일석 이조입니다! 

Oh, about the whale watch- Right now is a season for whales to breed and give birth to new calves. They came all the way from Alaska to Hawaii. I was amazed by these gentle giants' were busy spouting, slapping and breaching in the ocean. Carlene has very good binocular in handy for whale watching and day by day, I was getting better at spotting whales and found myself enjoying this a lot. The last day in Hawaii, I was eating breakfast and watching whales at the same time. I saw a family of whales dancing in the ocean ( looks like a mom and two calves). I have to go back with my family so we can all watch together!

고래구경이 한창인 때에 하와이를 방문한건 생각도 못하던 또하나의 보너스입니다. 해마다 이맘때면 알라스카에서 고래들이 따뜻한 하와이까지 내려와 새끼를 낳는대요. 망원경까지 구비해놓은 이집마당에서  매일매일 고래구경을 했답니다. 마지막날 아침밥을 먹을때는 엄마와 아기고래 일가족이 함께 춤을 추듯 뛰어오르는 걸 볼 수 있었답니다. 이런 장관을 보니 그만 가족생각이 나네요. 다음에 꼭 다같이 와서 봐야지 하는 맘을 우리식구들이 알아주기를... 

Time went so fast.... Last night in Hawaii, Carlene and her friend took me to the place that we can see sunset and Manta Rays. Big wave didn't allow us to go near the ocean so we couldn't watch manta rays but we enjoyed this beautiful sunset and each other's company. 

어느덧 즐거운 일정이 반이상 지나가고 떠나기전날 저녁엔 일출을 볼 수 있는 근사한 곳에서 저녁식사를 하며 서운함을 몰래 감추었답니다.

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