RAC Jogakbo workshop Bojagi

Yesterday's Jogakbo workshop went well! I always feel that I am so lucky to have chances to meet talented textile artists. People who come to my workshops don't know much about Bojagi but they all are talented artists. Quilters, surface designers, print artists, even a ceramic teacher came yesterday. I love to say that I share  bojagi with people who come to my workshops. I teach some techniques, too but I am more passionate about sharing my love of bojagi and my cultural background. And peeking at everybody's artistic personality is a great bonus to me :)  This is my last workshop of 2015 and I will have a break from teaching until next year. That means I will have some time to create my own work and prepare for better workshops! Thank you very much for coming to my workshops and showing all the positive energy about trying new things! I am grateful for that!

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